An official partner of the Reign Academy, U.S. Bank works to make community possible through their financial education efforts. As part of their partnership, U.S. Bank hosted a financial workshop for Reign Academy families to help build financial literacy for players and families preparing for college.

“It is important to educate youth because they have limited financial knowledge, and as they enter early adulthood, they bring misconceptions and poor money habits that can have a negative impact in their lives,” said Ederick Lokpez, U.S. Bank director of engagement strategies, who presented the financial literacy workshop. “The girls and their parents were especially interested in talking about saving and budgeting, two ways we can help set them up for financial success as adults.”


The workshop covered topics such as credit and the importance of balancing a checking account. Attendees learned how to avoid overdraft fees, the intracacies of using credit, and how to build a budget to maximize savings. Players also had the chance to win prizes, and learn more about U.S. Bank’s collegiate scholarship opportunities.

“My favorite part of the US Bank Financial Workshop was that it was organized for young people like me, in a way I could understand,” said Reign Academy player Alivia Uribe. “It was a fun afternoon with lots of useful information. I will always remember from the workshop that when I go to use my debit card or checkbook, if I don’t have enough money in my account to pay for what I want to buy, don’t buy it!”

U.S. Bank is committed to beginning financial education early, so young people can learn to make responsible financial decisions that positively impact their future.


“U.S. Bank is committed to providing financial education in our communities,” said Sheri Oberg, U.S. Bank senior project manager. “Our partnership with Reign Academy provides us a unique opportunity to teach young women — and their parents — about the importance of financial literacy.”

For more information on U.S. Bank and their financial education efforts, visit them online.

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